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This page contains some of the items that can be orderd from Charlottes.
You can still ring me for all other items on our Web Site.
It is divided into sections so that you can move easily to your needs, we start with 'Cross Stitch'.
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Cross Stitch Selection

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Passione Ricamo    Polstitches    Rainbow Gallery

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Mill Hill
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Name of Bead Order Number Price Quantity In / Out Stock
Frosted Glass

Frosted Glass Beads

1.50 In Stock
Glass Seed


1.50 In Stock
Petite Glass


1.50 In Stock
Antique Glass


1.50 In Stock
Crystal Treasures


1.50 In Stock

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Hand Dyed Fabrics

All measurements are approximate.
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Colour of Fabric Name & Approx Size Price Quantity In / Out Stock
Lightning Strike

Lightning Strike
(28.5 x 27 inches)

17.99 In Stock

(22 x 27 inches)

17.50 In Stock
Lightning Strike

English Rose
(19 x 27 inches)

14.99 In Stock
Lightning Strike

Stormy Seas
(23 x 27 inches)

17.70 In Stock
Lightning Strike

Stormy Skies
(23 x 27 inches)

17.70 In Stock

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Bothy Threads
A Selection of Complete Cross Stitch Kits
Kit Code & Price Description Quantity In/Out Stock
Lighthouse KIT-XCT1
In stock
Palace KIT-XCT2
In stock
Fairy Hill KIT-XCT3
Fairy Hill
In stock
Garden Shed KIT-XCT4
Garden Shed
In stock
Noahs Ark KIT-XCT5
Noahs Ark
In stock
Rocket KIT-XCT6
Garden Shed
In stock
Pirate Ship KIT-XCT7
Pirate Ship
In stock

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DMC Threads
A Selection of Special Threads
Insert number in the boxes below.
Light Effects Type E Numbers & Quantity (E000,2) Price In/Out Stock
Light Effects Antique 1.25 each In stock
Light Effects Fluorescent 1.25 each In stock
Light Effects Glow in
the Dark
1.25 each In stock
Light Effects Jewel
1.25 each In stock
Light Effects Pearlescent
1.25 each In stock
Light Effects Precious
1.25 each In stock
Silk Threads Colour
0.89 each In stock
DMC Silks Stranded
Cotton Colours
0.63 each In stock

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Passione Ricamo
A Selection of Stitch Design Charts
Chart Price Quantity In/Out Stock
Chart RL05RL05 11.99 In stock
Chart RL06RL06 11.99 In stock
Chart RL07RL07 11.99 In stock
Chart RL08RL08 11.99 In stock
Chart RL09RL09 11.99 In stock
Chart RL10RL10 11.99 In stock
Chart RL11RL11 11.99 In stock
Chart RL12RL12 11.99 In stock
Chart RL13RL13 11.99 In stock
Chart RL14RL14 11.99 In stock
Chart RL15RL15 11.99 In stock
Chart RL16RL16 11.99 In stock
Chart RL17RL17 11.99 In stock
Chart RL18RL18 11.99 In stock
Chart RL19RL19 11.99 In stock
Chart RL20RL20 11.99 In stock
Chart RL21RL21 11.99 In stock
Chart RL22RL22 11.99 In stock
Chart RL23RL23 11.99 In stock
Chart RL24RL24 11.99 In stock
Chart RL25RL25 11.99 In stock
Chart RL26RL26 11.99 In stock

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Rainbow Gallery
A Selection of Coloured Braids
Colour Code Description Price Quantity In/Out Stock
Bright Gold PB01 Bright Gold. 3.00 In stock
Arctic Gold PB02 Arctic Gold 3.00 In stock
PB03 Gold 3.00 In stock
Silver PB04 Silver 3.00 In stock
Black PB05 Black 3.00 In stock
Royal Blue PB08 Royal Blue 3.00 In stock
White Pearl PB10 White Pearl 3.00 In stock
Lavender PB12 Lavender 3.00 In stock
Bronze PB14 Bronze 3.00 In stock
Dark Multi PB16 Dark Multi 3.00 In stock
Midnight Blue PB18 Midnight Blue 3.00 In stock
Dark Red PB19 Dark Red 3.00 In stock
Dark Green PB20 Dark Green 3.00 In stock
Old Gold PB25 Old Gold 3.00 In stock
Aztec Gold PB26 Aztec Gold 3.00 In stock
Ice Pastels PB27 Ice Pastels 3.00 In stock
Powder Pink PB28 Powder Pink 3.00 In stock
Burgundy PB29 Burgundy 3.00 In stock
Deep Purple PB34 Deep Purple 3.00 In stock
Azure Blue PB38 Azure Blue 3.00 In stock
Turquoise PB43 Turquoise 3.00 In stock
Pale Avocado PB56 Pale Avocado 3.00 In stock
Black Silver PB59 Black Silver 3.00 In stock
PB63 Deep Midnight Blue 3.00 In stock
PB66 Amethyst 3.00 In stock
PB202 Peach Pearl 3.00 In stock
PB203 Seafoam Pearl 3.00 In stock
PB205 Amethyst Pearl 3.00 In stock
PH02 Silver 3.00 In stock
W88 White Fluffy 3.00 In stock

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