Freed Pointe Shoes

Freed Pointe Freed Pointe
The Student Pointe shoe above, is a light weight shoe,
This is ideal as a first pair of pointe shoes for the young dancer.
We keep stocks ranging from size 1 up to size 7.
(You can order up to a size 8.5)

Pointe Pointe
The Classic Pointe Shoe above, is a very popular shoe
it has a deep vamp, and a standard 1.8mm insole.
We keep sizes ranging from a size 1 to a size 7,
( again you can order up up to a size 8.5.)

Pointe Pointe
The Demi-Pointe Shoe above,or Soft Block as some people call it
is especially designed for demi-pointe work within RAD interfoundation
and Grade 4 in ISTD.

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